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RMRList - List Manager
(For all Symbian OS V5.0 Platforms except Osaris)

RMRList can be used for all sorts of items, to-do lists, shopping lists, you name it. It's as easy to use as a notepad and pen
but much more powerful. The program consists of three displays, Now, Later and Done. Items which you can't do right now, because they're waiting for other entries or for a particular date are kept separately so that they don't get in the way. You can cross entries out when you've finished with them, print lists out and even archive entries to separate text files.


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Program Information

Program name RMRList
Current version 1.10
Release date 23 Jun 00
Languages available English
Author Hamish Buchanan
Download file name RMRList.zip
Download size 24K
RegNet number 6050
Registration fee 5 - US$10 - €8
Platforms Symbian OS V5.0 Operating System
Storage requirements 100K
Memory requirements Roughly 200K of free System memory to run in


Please feel free to download and evaluate RMRList, just like you can any other program on our site.

English  Download RMRList v1.10

Other Information

And don't forget - if you like RMRList and want to keep on using it, you must register it. Instructions are in the program's 'Readme.txt' file and Help, but if you want to register right now, then you can do so on-line at RegNet, this will cost you US$15+US$5 in Credit Card Handling Charges.

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