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RMRReverse - The Classic Othello Game
(For all Symbian OS V5.0 Platforms)

This program is an Symbian OS V5.0 version of the ever popular 'Othello' or 'Reversi' game.  It takes full advantage of the enhanced graphics capabilities of the Symbian OS V5.0 Platforms, and offers a mix of high quality graphics and addictive game play!

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RMR Reverse screenshot

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Program Information

Program name RMRReverse
Current version 1.10
Release date 08 July 2000
Languages available English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Danish, Dutch, Czech & Swedish
Author Ian Webster
Download file name RMRReverse.ZIP
Download size 130K
RegNet number 5688
Registration fee £5 - US$10 - €8
Platforms Symbian OS V5.0 Operating System
Storage requirements 100K
Memory requirements Roughly 250K of free System memory to run in


Please feel free to download and evaluate RMRReverse, just like you can any other program on our site.

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Download RMRReverse V1.10
multi-lingual, with English Help file
French Flag Fichier d'aide - Français
Swedish Flag Hjälpfil - Svensk
Italian Flag File di Aiuto - Italiano
Dutch Flag Help bestand - Nederlands
German Flag Hilfedatei - Deutsche
Czech Flag Nápovedu - Czech
poland.gif (917 bytes) Olik Pomocy - Polskie
danish.gif (1956 bytes) Hjælpefil - Dansk

Other Information

And don't forget - if you like RMRReverse and want to keep on using it, you must register it. Instructions are in the program's 'Readme.txt' file and Help, but if you want to register right now, then you can do so on-line at RegNet, this will cost you US$15+US$5 in Credit Card Handling Charges.

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