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RMRAccounts (iOS)
Personal Accounts Program             

RMRAccounts is a comprehensive accounts program available for the iPhone and iPad series of platforms. As well as the usual functions of Transaction storing and statement reconciling, Archiving, Standing Orders/Direct Debits and Categories, it also has full multi-currency support, optional password protection and filters and also includes extra modules for Fuel Consumption Monitoring, Home Contents Listing, Budget Planning, Investment Tracking, Utility Usage Tracking and a Checklist option.


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Program Information

Program name RMRAccounts
Current version 2.0
Release date May 2013
Languages available English
Author Al Richey
Registration fee 3 - US$5 - €5
Platforms iPhone, iPad


From now on you can run the program from your Home Screen by tapping on the Icon even when not connected to the Internet.

Important Note:  This program will always check to see if an update is available.  If there is one it will automatically download the new version and restart.  This may take up to 20 seconds, so be patient.  If the programs seems to hang during starting then the upgrade is probably running in the background.  So just count to 10 and try again.

This is quite a complex application so I suggest you Download the Manual.

Program History

V1.0      Initial Release

V2.0      Added more modules and many more options.

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