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RMRShop - Shopping List Manager
(For the Nokia 9300(i)/9500 Communicator Series)

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The program is designed to help you with your visit to the supermarket. The idea is that you predefine the location (aisle) of the items you normally buy in each of your local stores. Then, when it is time to go shopping you can build your shopping list simply by selecting the items. Once complete, you can sort the list by aisle number, so that as you walk around the store the items are presented in order. They can them be crossed off as they are put into the shopping trolley. If the cost option is enabled, then each item can be allocated an estimated cost so you can see how much your shopping bill is going to cost. The program also copes with coupons, flagging such items in the shopping list.

This program requires the Symbian OPL and OPX Runtime codes installed.  Copies are in the ZIP files you download, but if you need another copy then:

Download OPL Runtime Code.
Download OPX Runtime Code

V1.0    Initial Issue

V1.1   Allows the program to be run off the external card, implements the joystick, makes Ctrl+Arrow keys operate as PgUp/PgDn/Home/End. and changes a few things to match the User Interface of the 9300/9500.

This program requires the Symbian OPL Runtime code installed.  There are 2 different versions, one for the earlier 9210/9290 Series and one for the newer 9500 series.  Copies are in the ZIP files you download, but if you need another copy then: 

Download OPL Runtime for Nokia 9210/9290
Download OPL Runtime for Nokia 9300/9500


Solitaire screen

Program Information

Program name RMRShop
Current version 1.1
Release date 20 Mar 05
Languages available English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish
Download file name RMRShop_Nokia.zip
Download size 540K
RegNet number 14910
Registration fee ú5 - US$10 - €8
Platforms Nokia Communicator S80


Please feel free to download and evaluate RMRShop, just like you can any other program on our site.

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  Download RMRShop (Nokia) and the required OPL/OPX runtime files
  multi-language version, but with English Help file

Download the full version of the manual (PDF)

And don't forget - if you like RMRShop and want to keep on using it, you must register it. Instructions are in the program's 'Readme.txt' file and Help, but if you want to register right now, then you can do so on-line at RegNet, this will cost you US$15 + US$5 Handling.

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