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RMRUtils - Calculator/Conversion/Utilities
(For the Nokia 9300(i)/9500 Communicator Series

This program provides a status indication of memory and storage media, but also quick and easy conversion between all common and (many, many less common) unit values, such as area, length, energy, speed and volume units, temperature scales, number formats.  The program can also calculate dates, journey times, VAT and can suggest lottery  numbers.  Finally it offers information tables such as ASCII codes, International Paper sizes, International Clothing Sizes and Roman Numerals.

V1.0    Initial Issue

V1.1     Program will now run correctly from the External Memory Card.
             "Add to Desk" option added for Nokia 9210/9290 users.  
                     (Unfortunately this feature is 'broken' in the 9300/9500 phones)
A few cosmetic changes to make the User Interface match the newer style of the 9300/9500.

This program requires the Symbian OPL and OPX Runtime codes installed.  Copies are in the ZIP files you download, but if you need another copy then:

Download OPL Runtime Code.
Download OPX Runtime Code


Program Information

Program name RMRUtils (Nokia)
Current version 1.10
Release date 19 Mar 03
Languages available English
Download file name RMRUtils_Nokia.zip
Download size 510K
RegNet number 14841
Registration fee 5 - US$10 - €8
Platforms Nokia Communicator S80


Please feel free to download and evaluate RMRUtils, just like you can any other program on our site.

British Flag   Download RMRUtils (Nokia) and the required OPL/OPX runtime files

Download the full version of the manual (PDF)

Other Information

And don't forget - if you like RMRUtils and want to keep on using it, you must register it. Instructions are in the program's 'Readme.txt' file and Help, but if you want to register right now, then you can do so on-line at RegNet, this will cost you US$15+US$5 in Credit Card Handling Charges.

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